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Mortgage for debt consolidation with bad credit

We take a more human approach to underwriting, to build a truer picture and reach a fairer outcome. We design products that are easy to understand and simple to place. We strive to make each interaction you have with us easier than the one before. And we share valuable insight and expertise that give you an edge and build your reputation.

That’s why you’ll always find us with our doors and our minds wide open. Ready to challenge convention, read between the lines and see the story behind the numbers. We will find a place for your case with a path to success for your client and your business.

Amy was buying a new-build property and wanted to consolidate some debts

Her previous credit problems added to the complexity of this case

She was let down by the high street and another specialist lender

Our personal approach ensured Amy didn't have to miss out on her new home


It took some time for the valuation to be instructed and the day after it was undertaken, the specialist lender pulled its products and cancelled cases that hadn’t been offered. This left Amy in a very difficult position as she was under time pressure to complete the purchase of the new build property quickly and not disrupt the chain on the property that she was selling.


Pepper Money was able to help the customer with the mortgage she needed to buy her new home and consolidate her debts, on a product in the Pepper 24 range. With time of the essence to prevent her purchase falling through and the chain collapsing, the mortgage proceeded to Offer in just one week and completed the following week.

Tony Henriques from Total Mortgage Solution

“I spoke to the team at Pepper Money, who were able to help. I submitted an application the next day, the case was offered in a week and it completed the following week. Amy was overjoyed that the deal was saved, and I was very impressed with the team at Pepper Money.”


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