From first-time buyers to portfolio landlords, day rate contractors to company directors, those with young credit histories to those with previous financial difficulties, we have flexible criteria designed to help you place those interesting cases for clients with a less-than-perfect credit history.

In what ways can we help?

  • By not relying on an automated credit score to make lending decisions.

  • Not requiring CCJs or defaults to be satisfied before we lend.

  • By not placing a limit on the value of CCJs or defaults - on some products we'll even ignore certain small defaults.

  • Giving your clients in an active DMP a chance of getting a mortgage by having a dedicated Residential range for them.

  • By understanding not everyone is employed in the same way and being prepared to consider more complex income situations.

  • Not needing the self-employed to have been trading for years - just one is enough.

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Alt - Residential criteria

Residential criteria

Find all our criteria for the Residential and Debt Management Plan range here.

Alt - Buy to Let criteria

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