Why choosing a specialist lender can help your client secure the loan they want


The average house price in England has risen by 173% since 1997. This is according to research by the Insititute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) which also found that incomes of young adults has also increased, but by just 19%.

It's not a surprise then that the number of 25-34 years olds owning their own homes has fallen from 55% in 1997 to 35% in 2017.

Secure the loan size your client wants

By manually assessing your clients' affordability, specialist lenders could provide a viable and affordable alternative.

Specialist lenders don't base their decisions on a credit score and they don't have the same automated approach that high street lenders have. They're not focused on securing mortgages for your clients with CCJs, defaults, adverse credit or previous financial difficulties.

Specialist lenders can give more personal consideration to a borrower's income. They are better equipped to consider contractors, company directors, people earning signficant bonus or overtime and clients with multiple layers of income, including investments and different sources of employment.

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