How do we help?

We take a more human approach to underwriting, to build a truer picture and reach a fairer outcome.

We design products that are easy to understand and simple to place.

We strive to make each interaction you have with us easier than the one before. And we share valuable insight and expertise that give you an edge and build your reputation.

That’s why you’ll always find us with our doors, and our minds, wide open.

Ready to challenge convention, read between the lines and see the story behind the numbers.

To find a place for your case, and a path to success for your client and your business.

You’ll benefit from

Simply presented and completely transparent, our mortgage range is easy to understand and match to your clients’ individual needs. Broad criteria, competitive pricing and a positive lending attitude help you to help more of your clients. – From First Time Buyers and the recently self-employed, to those with adverse credit or complex incomes. What’s more, our commitment to ongoing improvement means our product offering is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of borrowers, as well as your business.

We don’t use credit scoring or tick box forms. Our more human approach to underwriting means people make decisions about people. Each case is viewed on its own merits so we can form a more considered, holistic and non-judgmental view of where your client is now and where they want to be. The result is a fairer, and more often generous lending decision. And if we can’t help we won’t keep you or your client waiting. We understand the value of a timely decision even if it’s a “no”.

We aim to make doing business with us as straightforward as possible. That means direct access to your named underwriter, clear, timely communication and best -in-class support. Our online portal facilitates smoother case management, just one of a growing suite of tools we’re introducing to make each interaction easier than the one before. This commitment to frictionless working promotes greater efficiency and stronger relationships, creating conditions for success for all.

Working exclusively with brokers and intermediaries, and on cases that don’t find a fit with high street lenders. Pepper Money is a true specialist. You’ll hear it in the expert support we give you over the phone and see it in our deft handling of every file. Specialist mortgages is all we do and we use our insight and experience to help brokers keep pace with the key issues shaping this rapidly evolving marketplace, gain a vital edge over their competitors and unlock valuable new earning opportunities.

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What's next?

To discuss a case, or find out more about our products, call our experienced team.

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