Why Pepper Money

Why use Pepper Money?

We make interesting cases easier.

Residential or Buy to Let, we're here to help you place cases for clients whose situations are too interesting for the high street.

Who do we help?

We provide Residential and Buy to Let mortgages for clients in interesting situations, exclusively through brokers. Clients find us because of the great work of intermediaries who are prepared to tackle more complex cases. We can help with a broad range of cases - they often involve at least one of the following:

Complex income

Tony Jones runs his own business in Hove, Sussex, Over the last few years, Tony has invested some of his earnings in property. With a small portfolio of rental properties. Tony wanted to remortgage in order to release equity so that he could purchase a another property.

case study
Alt - Complex income

Previous financial difficulties

When Paul and Alison decided to buy a larger home to accommodate their growing family and Alison’s developing business, getting a mortgage wasn’t as straightforward as they had hoped.

Case Study
Alt - Previous financial difficulties