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Pepper Money Launches with Primis

Pepper Money will distribute its full range of specialist mortgages to members of Primis Mortgage Network. Appointed Representatives of Primis now have access to Pepper’s

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Our Application Requirements Explained - Pepper Money

Our application requirements explained

For each application you submit to Pepper Money, we’ll perform electronic checks on all personal and business details you provide, using Electronic Identification to verify identity.

In some circumstances, we may require additional documentation to validate these details. This isn’t a complete list, but the below may give you an idea of any additional specific items we may need.

Don’t worry, we’ll always notify you of any additional documents required.

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Packaging a case with adverse credit

Packaging a case for a client with adverse credit is not dissimilar to other types of mortgages and making sure you get the basics right can help the application to proceed quickly and easily.

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