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Getting a mortgage can be an incredibly daunting experience. That is why at Pepper, we think differently and take a positive lending attitude.

We’re committed to providing a viable alternative to the strict criteria of High Street lenders. At Pepper Money, we champion financial inclusion. We understand that life happens. We believe that past financial blips and your credit score alone shouldn’t get in the way of your future mortgage applications. 

Our goal is to broaden access to homeownership for a diverse range of customers that otherwise may be overlooked. So, whether you’re self-employed, earn an irregular income, a first-time buyer with no previous credit, had a missed payments or have a low credit score, you could be better with Pepper.

CCJs & Defaults

You could be accepted with unsatisfied CCJs & Defaults

Unsecured Credit

Your level of unsecured credit never affects product tier

New Business Owners

For new business owners we can accept one year’s self-employed trading

Up to 85% LTV

Our residential mortgages are available up to 85% LTV

Interest Only

We can offer interest only options up to 60% LTV with no amendments to criteria

Flexible Approach

Flexible approach to mortgage terms. Earned income accepted to age 75

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Broker Lisiting

Our products are only available through mortgage advisers. To find a more extensive list of Advisers near you, visit unbiased.co.uk. Click on your location below to find brokers that specialise in helping their customers obtain residential mortgages.


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