Our mortgage products 

We provide a range of home loans suitable for borrowers in situations that other lenders won’t consider.

If you’re a first-time buyer looking for a mortgage, a home mover, looking to remortgage, a landlord looking for a Buy to Let mortgage, or have been turned away by a high street lender, we may be able to help.

We don’t rely on a computer to determine whether your application gets accepted or declined. Instead, we have a dedicated team that look at each mortgage application on its own merits. 

To see if you can get a mortgage or remortgage with us, contact an Independent Financial Adviser, by visiting unbiased.co.uk.

Here are just some of the situations we may be able to help with:

  • Complex income
    People are increasingly earning incomes from multiple sources; commission, overtime, bonuses, investments and multiple jobs. Not all lenders will consider a mortgage application for those with multiple income sources, but we may be able to help
  • Self-employed
    It’s commonly believed if you’re self-employed you must wait years before applying for a mortgage. With us, that's not true. We may be able to give you a mortgage even if you've just been trading for only a year
  • Mortgage after County Court Judgements (CCJs)
    If you've got a CCJ or have missed payments you may think you won't be able to get a mortgage until these no longer show on your credit report. Our products are suitable for borrowers who have had CCJs and defaults from as recent as 6 months ago. Providing we can see you’re back on track and are able to afford your mortgage repayments, we may be able to help
  • First-time landlord
    It can be difficult finding a mortgage for your first Buy to Let property, but if you’ve made regular mortgage payments before and can prove you’re able to meet your mortgage repayments, we may be able to give you a mortgage



Find an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Our products are only available through mortgage advisers. To find an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) near you, visit unbiased.co.uk