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Intermediary Checklist

Insights For each application you submit to Pepper Money, we’ll perform electronic checks on all personal and business details you provide, using Electronic Identification to verify identity. In some circumstances, we may require additional documentation to validate these details. This isn’t a complete list, but the below may give you an idea of any additional […]

Solicitor Panel

Mortgage service levels become bigger consideration for buy to let mortgage advisors - Pepper Money

We make specialist mortgage cases easier For our mortgages your customer can choose from the three options below: Option 1: Joint representation Your customer can choose a member from our approved solicitor panel – this is usually the cheapest option for the customer. Use part of the Solicitor Name or Address to locate a Pepper […]

Residential Mortgage Criteria

Mortgage Criteria Residential Mortgage Criteria Our Residential mortgage criteria is designed to help your customers with unique circumstances who would benefit from a more human underwriting approach. This includes those with complex income, self-employed, young credit history, and those who have experienced previous financial blips.  Table of Contents Applicant criteria Applicant details Minimum age: 21 […]


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