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The ability to continually evolve and enhance your means of attracting and keeping customers can be the difference of commercial survival or maximising profit margins.

Broker Marketing

Helping you better connect with your customers

If you are a broker and you are seeking new customers, let’s face it you are in a war for your prospective customer’s attention. In a recent survey of the UK public by the Policy Institute and Centre for Attention Studies at King’s College London. UK adults hugely underestimate how often they check their phones, thinking they check them 25 times a day on average, when studies suggest the reality is up to 80 times a day.

The silver lining means that your customer is potentially likely to see advertising, but the question is can you hold their attention.

How to talk about your business

When you introduce your brokerage to a customer, it can be difficult to know what to say. You know everything about your business. But what should you tell them, and what should you leave out?

Don’t try to tell them everything.

Your business may well offer a huge range of services. But it’s likely your customer has a particular problem they want fixing – they may need a mortgage, for example. Concentrate on what’s relevant to them and leave the cross-sell for later.

Think about it from their point of view.

There’s an old marketing phrase: “Don’t tell me about your fertiliser, tell me about my lawn.” In other words, think about what the services you offer mean for your customers’ lives. For example, don’t just tell them about your online document portal. Explain to them how much time it will save them and how easy it is to use.

All customers are different – be relevant.

It’s easy to assume that because your customers want the same products, they have the same needs. But everyone’s experiences are different. Make sure you vary your sales pitch depending on customer experiences and needs.

How to speak to different customers

Pepper Money has identified five types of customers who could benefit from our help. They all come from different backgrounds. They’re at different stages of their financial journey. The products we offer them are different, and the way we speak to them should be too. That way, we can make our marketing as effective as possible.

1. Hopeful Homeowners

Bad decisions made at university shouldn’t mean people can’t own their own homes. We’re here to help these first time buyers take their first step on the property ladder. No credit scoring and no judgement.
How to talk to Hopeful Homeowners:
  • Be non-judgmental. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re young.
  • Reassure these customers that their past decisions don’t have to stop them from owning a home.
  • Show them that we’re here to kick-start their home-owning journey. With our help, they can get on the ladder.

What that could look like: 

Banner size: 300 x 250px

Banner size: 970 x 250px

2. Recent Recoverers

These hard-working people have recently bounced back from past decisions. We’re here to help them as they start their financial recovery and give them a clear, achievable roadmap. They deserve every opportunity to turn their financial fortunes around.

How to talk to Recent Recoverers:

  • Acknowledge they’ve already made a start. The situation is getting better, they’ve begun to turn things around
  • Reassure them that they deserve another opportunity. Everyone should have the chance to own their own home.
  • Help and support them on the journey. They’ve still got a way to go, so we can’t offer them quick fixes. But we can provide the right advice and products at the right times. 

What that could look like: 

Banner size: 300 x 250px

Banner size: 970 x 250px

3. Almost Primers

These people have worked hard to move on from previous financial decisions. They’re almost there, and we’re here to help them take the last step to get back on track. We believe the past shouldn’t stop people achieving their goals.
How to talk to Almost Primers:
  • Celebrate how far they’ve come. It takes a lot of hard work to move on, we should applaud them for doing so
  • Focus on the end goal. They’re nearly at the end of their journey – and back where they want to be.
  • Get them excited about what comes next. This is the moment they’ve been waiting for

What that could look like: 

Banner size: 300 x 250px

Banner size: 970 x 250px

4. Affluent Borrowers

Even the financially secure have dreams. It could be owning a second home. Or planning for a comfortable retirement. These people may be settled in their homes, but they still have ambitions. We’re here to help realise them.

How to talk to Affluent Borrowers:
  • Be aspirational. This isn’t about day-to-day financial decisions, it’s about them creating a better future for their families.
  • Talk about their dreams and ambitions. Make them imagine what they could achieve by making the right financial decisions.
  • Emphasise that our products and services can make this happen. With your help, they can achieve their goals.

What that could look like: 

Banner size: 300 x 250px

Banner size: 970 x 250px

5. Comfortable Consolidators

It can be challenging for these busy people to get the full picture of their finances. We get it. By consolidating their debt into one single monthly payment, we can put them back in their financial comfort zone. And keep them there.

How to talk to Comfortable Consolidators:

  • Empathise with their situation. Finances can be complicated, and we’re here to help. Not to judge
  • Show insight. By giving examples of how people can end up in this situation, we can make the customer feel better understood.
  • Offer support and solutions. Our products and services will help these customers simplify their situation. We are here to help them.

What that could look like: 

Banner size: 300 x 250px

Banner size: 970 x 250px

Download banners and add your company logo

We’re here to help. If you’ve found these hints and tips useful, we’d love to partner with you to help promote your business. Whether you want more marketing advice or recommendations from trusted marketing partners – get in touch today.

To further support our broker partners with have created a range of display banners which you can add your company logo to. 

Once you have downloaded the banners you can use software or platforms like, or possibly Photoshop to edit

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