We are aware of scams involving individuals being offered loans for an advanced upfront fee. With the fraudster posing as a representative of a financial services organisation. At Pepper Money we do not charge any fees before the application stage. We would not approach you directly in this way. Your broker will be able to tell you what fees and charges the product you’re applying for has, and when they will be charged. If you think you have been a victim of such a scam, please contact your bank immediately and report it to action fraud.


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Thank you for choosing Pepper Money for your mortgage or homeowner loan. We’d love to hear what you think of our service. Your feedback will help us to enhance our service and make the application process easier. If you’ve got a few minutes, please submit a review via Trustpilot.

At Pepper Money, we use financial inclusion as a guiding principle for our business. We strive to improve access to home ownership and secured lending for a diverse range of customers, including self-employed, people who earn irregular incomes, property portfolio landlords, Limited Company, first-time buyers, customers with little on their credit record and people who have a record of missed credit payments.

We manually underwrite all applications, as we always have done. Our human approach allows us to consider and understand the customer’s circumstances beyond their credit score. We don’t use credit scoring as part of our lending decisions. The result is a fairer and often a more generous lending decision

Excellent Service by Pepper Money

I'm a mortgage broker and would like to acknowledge the amazing service that I have just received from Pepper Money, to get a mortgage offer out for my client. My relationship manager Max Hill, along with Adrian Brocklehurst and Abby Hall have all gone above and beyond, to help my clients help realise their goal of buying their first home. From start to finish they have pulled out all the stops and worked with me in order to achieve the mortgage offer. Massive thanks from me!

Fantastic lender and staff

Fantastic Lender, always manage to speak to someone within a few minutes. Had a particular difficult case and kept hitting a dead end but with the help, persistence and patience of Luke Murphy from the senior referral team and Paul Daly the underwriter on the case, we managed to get the case to offer successfully. Thank you Luke and Paul!

Brilliant Service all around

A very hard case to get over the line was helped no end by Peppers team of underwriters (Cassandra Lowther & Camika) and Business development manager (Chloe Bowden- Davis) . Communication was clear at all stages of the process and the team could not do enough to help when things got complicated. One of the few companies were the Business development manager answers the phone or calls you back !

Great service from Luke Murphy

Working with Luke Murphy on one of my cases and he provided an easy clear explanation of what was needed. Once he received he sent them over quickly and efficiently to get the case progressing as quick as possible. Great service. Very happy thank you Luke.

Very good service start to finish

Very good service start to finish. Checked with Paul (BDM) case was acceptable, submitted and the lender chased me for the docs. Anything submitted was turned around within 24 hours, then got call from underwriter with final two queries and after discussion she was happy and signed it off and was offered in 24 hours. I was very impressed, especially the common sense approach of the underwriter.

Always a great service

Pepper have helped with numerous cases I've placed with them, they have a quick underwriting process and the underwriter will always call to go over any points too which is great to actually speak to somebody. My BDM Keith is also always on hand if I have any queries and has helped with exception cases for clients that other lenders have turned down

Jason is a superstar

I never write a review, but I have been blown away by the service from Pepper. This was my first case with them which was not straightforward by any account and the case was offered in record time. All the staff are so helpful, but Jason was especially amazing, any queries on the case and he picked up the phone resolved the issue instantly. He went out of his way to help me and the clients and service like this is not something you experience often (especially since Covid) Thank you Jason so much for your help.

Great Service with supportive BDM

Put two cases through pepper both not the most straightforward, Pepper's underwriters were efficient and did request a fair bit of information from the clients but this is normal these day's. Both cases went to offer with minimal fuss as soon as all criteria was met. Cavina our BDM on hand to help and support if needed all in all an excellent service and I will be using again.