We’ve collated some of our key achievements so far, alongside some helpful tips and resources to improve your home to make it greener

Planting trees and Offsetting Carbon with Ecologi

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Trees in our forest

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of carbon reduction through projects funded

Our tree planting initiative is separate from our carbon reduction projects. We do both.

Some of the projects we’ve funded: 

  • Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile Producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam
  • Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand
  • Preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Protecting and restoring the Pacific Coast of Columbia

Discover more about our commitments with Ecologi by visiting our profile.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We’ve already taken many steps to reduce our environmental impact, including introducing Automated Valuations, which saves the need to send someone to our customer’s properties to undertake a physical valuation survey. 

Plus, we’ve also replaced most cheque payments with electronic payment methods such as bank transfer on our second charge mortgage lending. This change alone could save as much as 300,000g of CO2 emissions annually by reducing print and postage. 

Creating a sense of belonging through the Pepper Way

In 2022, we gave away a grant of £300 to each of our colleagues to spend on a range of products, services, and causes as they wished. The result was significant in terms of the end results and the impact:


Trees Planted with Ecologi


Energy efficient products ordered by our colleagues


worth of Oddbox subscriptions ordered by our colleagues


Donated across the following charities: Shelter, Unicef, Cancer Research UK, Water Aid, Keep Britain Tidy & WWF

Beehive sponsorships

Over the last few years, we’ve sponsored two local beehives to support these ecosystems that are in need of help and improve biodiversity. We’ve helped start a new hive of bees, which will help increase pollination and therefore have a positive impact on the food supply chain.  

Check out our hives to see what all the buzz is about:

Gwenyn Gruffydd

Sunnyfields Apiaries


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