Gender Pay Gap

The Gender Pay Gap reporting gives a snapshot of the gender balance within an organisation regardless of their role or seniority. The gender pay gap shows the gap between the mean and median earnings of females and males and the bonus pay gap shows the gap between the mean and median bonus paid to females and males.

At Pepper, our mission is ‘To Help People Succeed’, whether this is our customers, intermediary partners or our dedicated colleagues. Pepper Money employs diverse talent and are committed to ensure that all colleagues are selected and appropriately compensated in their roles based on their skills, abilities and performance alone with equal access to recognition, reward and career progression opportunities. Attracting, developing, nurturing and retaining talented women is important to us as a business.

We acknowledge there is a gender pay gap within the Firm. This is largely caused by our workforce profile, the gender gap is caused by a gender imbalance in senior executive roles. We are committed on our journey towards gender pay parity and achieving this over time through a range of initiatives such as

  • Executive endorsement and support of our various committees like DE&I and Women in Business
  • Focus on gender in our approach to succession planning
  • Adoption of hybrid working model allowing colleagues flexibility to balance work and life commitments
  • Creating opportunities for women to experience ‘stepping up’
  • Raising the profile of female leaders in our business so encourage other female colleagues aspirations to progress
  • Continue to review our talent attraction approach
  • Regularly benchmark compensation

We continue to promote opportunities, champion inclusion and diversity, embed our cultural principles and regularly review our hiring practices and talent management. We’re committed to making a positive difference for our colleagues, our clients, in our communities and society at large.

Pay Quartile - Female / Male Count

Pay & Bonus Gap

Difference between Male and Female

Mean Pay Gap

Median Pay Gap

Mean Bonus Gap

Median Bonus Gap

The charts above show our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as paid in the month of April 2023 for male and female employees. The gender pay gap is almost exclusively concentrated in the upper quartile of earners. These figures reflect the fact that the majority of Exco members and Heads of Departments are male. The bonus pay gap represents the difference in the average bonus pay for male and female employees. The bonus pay gap is far more pronounced than the salary pay gap, and is partially explained by Exco members being majority male



Across our workforce, 98.29% of all Female employees and 93.75% of all Male employees received a bonus payment