We are aware of scams involving individuals being offered loans for an advanced upfront fee. With the fraudster posing as a representative of a financial services organisation. At Pepper Money we do not charge any fees before the application stage. We would not approach you directly in this way. Your broker will be able to tell you what fees and charges the product you’re applying for has, and when they will be charged. If you think you have been a victim of such a scam, please contact your bank immediately and report it to action fraud.

Homeowner Loan Calculator

Find out what your repayments might look like each month and how much you could end up paying with our homeowner loan calculator.

Homeowner loan calculator

Other mortgage products are available. Your broker will provide more information concerning other products during your application process.


Borrow amount is larger than the propery's value (less the existing mortgage)

15 years

A minimum of a 5 year term must be selected for a 5 year fixed product

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*Please note these results are indicative and are meant to be used as a guide only. Additional fees such as a broker fee and a lender fee may apply. These fees vary and will be set in line with each brokers pricing policy.
Should you wish to submit an application, it'll be subject to status, full lending criteria, a credit check and a review by a qualified mortgage adviser, which could result in a different product which has a different interest rate. Any changes are likely to alter both the monthly payment amount and the total amount payable. Results are based on a good credit profile.

Representative Example
Borrowing of £40,000, plus £595 lender fee, plus £3,000 broker fee, totalling £43,595, over 192 months on a 5-year fixed product with an initial borrowing rate of 9.2%, following a variable rate of 9.6%. There would be 60 monthly instalments of £434.49, following 132 monthly instalments of £442.52. Total amount payable £84,577.09, made up of: Mortgage Amount £40,000, Interest £40,887.09, Lender fee £595, Broker fee £3,000, Exit Fee £95. Overall cost for comparison purposes 11.4% APRC. Please be advised that any interest rate fluctuations, during the life of the mortgage contract, will affect the total amount repayable.