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Just because someone is financially settled, it doesn’t mean they don’t still have plans. Pepper’s flexible and affordable products can help your equity-rich clients put their bricks and mortar investment to work.


Let’s realise their next ambition

It could be anything from dream home improvements to helping the next generation fly the nest. For affluent clients, releasing equity can mean realising ambitions.

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Pepper Money & Prestige Financial Solutions help Self Employed Affluent Borrower secure a remortgage

Paul Hurt from Prestige Financial Solutions, says:
After much wasted time and messing around, searching criteria and obtaining multiple DIPs, we approached Pepper Money through the packager, Advance Mortgage Funding. The process was easy and the outcome was excellent, especially as it was such a large deal. We discussed the case with Max Hill, our Regional Development Manager, who confirmed how Pepper Money would approach the it. This gave us the confidence to submit it to them and the service we received, especially from our dedicated Case Owner Abby, was great throughout.
Paul Hurt
Prestige Financial Solutions
Ryan Brailsford, Director of Business Development at Pepper Money, says: Being an Affluent Borrower doesn’t always mean that you will get a mortgage from a mainstream lender, even at a low LTV. This is especially the case where the loan size is large and the customer is self-employed, needing to use their latest year’s accounts for affordability. However, at Pepper Money, we take an individual approach to underwriting every case, which means we can consider applications that might be rejected by high street lenders. We’re also very proud of our excellent service levels, which means brokers can be confident we will meet the demands of even the most demanding of situations. This case with Prestige Financial Solutions was a great example of a lender and broker working together to identify a great outcome for the customer.”
Ryan Brailsford
Pepper Money
Ryan Brailsford Pepper Money


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