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At Pepper Money, we’re redefining lending norms, looking for a reason to offer to help, rather than refuse it. So if either you or your customer are looking for a lender with the expertise to make sensible lending decisions, look no further.

What we offer

Welcome to
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Financially inclusive lending solutions

It’s easy for some lenders to say ‘no’. To look but not see. To close a door, not open one. At Pepper Money, we think differently. And we’re here to support you completely.

We take a human approach to underwriting. By designing products that are easy to understand and simple to place. By striving to make each interaction you have with us easier than the one before. And by sharing valuable insight and expertise that give you an edge and build your reputation.

That’s why you’ll always find us with our door and our minds, wide open. Ready to challenge convention, read between the lines and see the story behind the numbers. To find a place for your case, and a path to success for your client and your business.


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What we do

What do you get from Pepper Money?


Simple and inclusive product range

Simply presented and completely transparent, our product range is easy to understand and match to your customers' individual needs.


A lender that's easy to work with

We aim to make doing business with us as straightforward as possible. That means direct access to decision makers, clear, timely communications and best-in-class support.


Human underwriting

We don't rely on credit scoring or tick box forms and for mortgage applications we'll never base a decision on the applicants credit score. Regardless of the product our human approach to underwriting means people make decisions about people.


Specialist expertise

We work exclusively with brokers and intermediaries for our mortgage products and on cases that don't fit with high street lenders. And as the UK's largest second charge lender, our second charge lending expertise is unrivalled.

Getting a mortgage with late payments on credit report - Pepper Money

Residential Mortgages

Our product range is structured around your customers most recent financial event including CCJs and defaults.

Second Charge Mortgages

We will help you find the right second charge mortgage deal for your customer based on their individual circumstances.

Right to Buy Mortgages

We understand real-life happens and blips should not prevent ambitious Hopeful Homeowners from buying a home.

Help to Buy Mortgages

We're here to help your customers take their first steps on the property ladder with our Help to Buy range.

Second Charge Adverse Credit Study - Pepper Money

Shared Ownership Mortgages

Our Shared Ownership Mortgage products can help your customers to buy a share of a new build property.

Service levels

Our latest service levels

Our latest Pepper Money service levels show how quickly we’re currently processing mortgage applications on behalf of our customers. 

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June 3, 2023 2:17 pm

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Working on DIP referrals received on:

2nd June


Responding to application portal broker messages received on:​

2nd June


Reviewing offer assessment sent to our underwriters on:​

2nd June


Working on applications received on:​

2nd June


Currently reviewing valuations received on:​

2nd June


Answering calls in less than (average speed):​

< 1 minute(s)

Providing an inclusive human approach to specialist mortgages

At Pepper Money, we operate on the basis that everyone is different; helping your customers secure a mortgage by looking beyond credit ratings and traditional lending criteria.


Mortgage Service Levels

Intermediary Mortgages

Working on DIP referrals received on:

2nd June

Responding to application portal broker messages on:

2nd June

Reviewing applications sent to our underwriters on:

2nd June

Working on applications received on:

2nd June

Currently reviewing valuations received on:

2nd June

Answering calls in less than (average speed):

< 1 minute(s)