“I am a mortgage broker, and this is my first time using Pepper and have to say I am so impressed. The service from day 1 has been excellent, (Sonia and BDM Lewis Wheeler amongst others) and the processing so quick and efficient especially from a specialist lender – they are so proactive, very rare a lender chases me for something!

“Will definitely look to use them again anytime possible.”

Those kind words are taken from a Trustpilot review left by a happy broker who recently used Pepper Money for the very first time to secure a mortgage for her customer.

Over the last year, more brokers have had to look beyond the high street to the specialist market where they perhaps wouldn’t have previously. There are two critical drivers for this, and the first is the approach of lenders like Pepper to criteria such as complex income and adverse credit.

Perhaps more importantly, has been the speed of service from some specialist lenders like Pepper Money. As mentioned in the review above, it’s service that’s proving a real catalyst for brokers in choosing to use specialist lenders for the first time, with some applications going through to offer in days.

With this in mind, I wanted to tell you about how Pepper Money helps brokers who may be new to the specialist mortgage market and what you can expect from us as a leading specialist lender if you are yet to put us to the test.

How Pepper Money helps brokers and their customers

Our products are designed around inclusive lending — providing a home for those applications that are let down by mainstream or high street lenders’ scoring systems and restrictive criteria.

We have a transparent product range that allows for many forms of adverse credit. You may not know that our range also caters for those whose credit files are arguably clean but are failing on credit score for any number of reasons. As we come out of the pandemic, more customers will need the services of a specialist lender, and we will manually assess and price their application fairly based on their circumstances.

A human-led approach

The key to working with any lender, especially one that manually underwrites its cases, is to package the case well from the beginning of your application. We pride ourselves on being clear and upfront about the documentation we’ll need, and, in addition to our knowledgeable team who are here to help you, we have a detailed Packaging Guide for you to follow.

You’ll also have a dedicated, local Regional Development Manager who guides you in how best to work with us, and you can run any new customer scenarios by them. They’re knowledgeable and passionate about what we do and the market as a whole, so please use their expertise.

If we’re unable to help, your RDM will know who can. In addition, each case you submit is managed solely by one case owner who will be in touch upon submission of the application and who you can contact at any time to discuss any outstanding items or queries.

No case is unplaceable

That’s always been my belief.

Many advisors shy away from more complex scenarios due to a lack of experience or insight into the specialist market. Our bi-annual Adverse Credit Study is a fantastic tool for brokers who are new to specialist lending. It not only gives you an insight into the market as a whole but works as a great resource to discuss with your customers.

Having worked in the specialist market for many years, the thing that continues to surprise me is how often brokers who place cases with us tell me that their customer had been turned down two or three times before approaching them.

There has never been a better time to embrace the specialist market if you haven’t done so already. And with Pepper Money, you have a team on your side that has the expertise to help you deliver the best outcomes for your customers.

To find out more about how Pepper Money can help you place your first case, please contact Ryan on LinkedIn.