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At Pepper Money, we’re redefining lending norms, looking for a reason to offer to help, rather than refuse it. So if either you or your customer are looking for a mortgage lender with the expertise to make sensible lending decisions, look no further.

What we offer

A human approach to underwriting

We understand that not all people with a less than perfect credit history are still in financial difficulty.
Unexpected life events and financial mistakes happen.

If your customer’s back on track with finances and able to meet mortgage repayments, we don’t believe past events should stop them from being considered for a mortgage. We take a more human approach to underwriting, to build a truer picture and reach a fairer outcome. By working with Pepper Money, you’ll benefit from a simple and inclusive product range. Our mortgage products are easy to understand and match your customers’ individual needs.

What we do

What do you get from Pepper Money?

Simple and inclusive product range

Simply presented and completely transparent, our mortgage range is easy to understand and match to your customers’ individual needs.

Human underwriting

We don’t use credit scoring or tick box forms. Our more human approach to underwriting means people make decisions about people.

A lender that’s easy to work with

We aim to make doing business with us as straightforward as possible. That means direct access to your named underwriter, clear, timely communication and best-in-class support.

Specialist expertise

Working exclusively with brokers and intermediaries, and on cases that don’t find a fit with high street lenders.


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Providing an inclusive human approach to specialist mortgages

At Pepper Money, we operate on the basis that everyone is different; helping your customers secure a mortgage by looking beyond credit ratings and traditional lending criteria.

How we do it

Our latest service levels

Updated : November 30, 2021 2:04 am

What we’re working on

At Pepper Money, we believe in being accountable and transparent at every step. Our latest published service levels show how diligently we are processing applications on behalf of our customers.

Our call capacity (average)



Working on DIP referrals received on:

29th November


Responding to application portal broker messages received on:

29th November


Reviewing offer assessment sent to our underwriters on:

29th November


Working on applications received on:

29th November


Currently reviewing valuations received on:

29th November


Answering calls in less than (average speed):

< 1 minute(s)

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