Our own private outdoor spaces can be a wonderful source of peace and tranquillity.

Some people prefer lots of flowers, others want greater functionality for entertaining or space for their children to play. More people are also getting into growing their own fruit and vegetables, while others want to create a purely artistic aesthetic they can enjoy looking at. Whatever your preferences, designing your ideal garden will take some planning and potentially some serious financing.

Here we discuss some great garden design ideas, as well as explain how to plan a renovation, calculate a budget, and finance your garden makeover.

How to plan a garden makeover?

There will be some practical considerations, which determine exactly what you can and can’t do, but the first step to designing your new garden always begins in your imagination.

Journal your thoughts and garden design ideas, noting down any improvements or changes that occur to you, and remain open to inspiration from other garden landscaping ideas you see while out and about. The internet is also a great resource for ideas, and we’ll provide you with some great ones further below.

So, enjoy letting your imagination run wild with garden makeover ideas, but remember these practical considerations to keep your ambitions realistic:


Is it purely an aesthetic effect you seek, or will there be children playing there, or even a dog running around? Also, think about how much entertaining you would like to do, such as inviting friends and family over for summer evenings together.

Garden size and shape

Irregular-shaped gardens will need some special attention when considering what features will actually fit. Other garden design ideas require a patio or decking, while there will be others that work better with a lawn and bedding for plants. So, take a long look at what space you have to work to ensure your garden ideas are practical.

Available budget

The more major the changes you want to make, the more expensive it is going to be. You don’t need to have lots of savings though, as homeowner loans can help you pay for the renovation now with favourable terms for repayment. So, figure out your available budget and what you can use your homeowner loan for to begin designing your new garden from there.

Now let’s look closer at how to calculate a budget for your new garden ideas.

Calculate your budget for your new garden design

How much your garden makeover costs will amount to obviously depends on how much work you intend to have done. If your budget is in the region of £200-300, then you could add some potted plants, basic furniture such as a plastic table and chairs set, and even a fresh coat of paint. You can even stretch this basic budget further by seeking out garden furniture available through local community sharing and upcycling projects.

Small-scale makeovers that include some basic renovation may cost anywhere between £500 and £2,000, especially if the work requires some minimal labour from a professional.

A major garden makeover involving significant and complex renovation can cost several thousand pounds, similar to the cost of a complete kitchen makeover. This is not just because of the additions you are making, but also the cost of the extra professional labour and expert advice of a landscape architect to ensure the finished garden matches up with the garden ideas in your imagination.

Now let’s look at some modern garden ideas to inspire your own garden design.

Inspiring garden design ideas

There are so many fantastic garden designs that it can be overwhelming to sift through them all while trying to determine what you would like in your own garden. Unfortunately, ALL OF THEM is not an option, so here we have collated some excellent garden design concepts to inspire you.

Outdoor dining and entertaining areas

Patios or decking and seating areas are a must if you plan on entertaining in the garden. A gazebo will provide shade from the sun, while you can also install a fire pit to enjoy the outdoors even when the temperatures cool down.

Water features and trees

Trees and water features attract wildlife which can really bring a garden to life. If you are a lover of nature, then the likes of bird feeders and ponds might be the ideal garden design ideas. Planting trees will also give your garden interesting focus points while attracting other wildlife.

Complementary plants for patios and decking

A popular garden design idea at the moment is surrounding patios or decking with plants. Green leafy vegetation around the perimeters of your decking creates a warm and secluded ambience, which is ideal for both relaxing and entertaining.

Financing your garden makeover

One of the best ways to finance a major garden makeover is with the help of a homeowner loan. The type of homeowner loans available through Pepper Money are ideal for creating your ideal garden, with loans from £10,000 that will cover everything you want to do with your garden and more.

The Pepper Money loan products are also designed to suit your needs. There is a range of fixed, discounted, and variable rate products, with the rate offered dependent on your circumstances. Our repayment options are also flexible, ranging between three and 30 years.

Another great bonus is the lack of penalties for overpayments, allowing you to pay off the loan as quickly as you would like. Our flexible overpayment options incur no penalty fee so you can reduce the term of your loan or reduce your monthly repayments as you see fit. We also provide market-leading advice to help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

If you are looking for a homeowner loan to help create your dream garden contact one of our broker partners today.