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Here to Help

You can trust us to always look beyond the numbers and offer help

From looking beyond the numbers, to honest, professional advice and specialist third party help, we’re here to support you and your customers completely – and help them succeed in these testing times.

Because yes, it’s challenging out there. And while we’d all like to help every single customer, it’s just not possible. But we can – and always will – point those that need additional support in the right direction.

So, if something unexpected has happened in their lives, or they’re worried about the rising cost of living or getting into debt, we’re here to help them access the specialist advice they need.

Whether the customer is a Hopeful Homeowner, Almost Primer, Comfortable Consolidator, or an Affluent Borrower, nobody is immune to challenges of health conditions, mental health, illnesses, or various life events including retirement, divorce, bereavement, or struggling with financial matters.

We understand that in some cases it may be beneficial for your customer to gain additional professional support to help manage and overcome the challenges they may customers face.

Additional support as standard

From health concerns to mental stress to money worries, we understand that life can throw up problems that we weren’t expecting, or aren’t able to deal with on our own.

At Pepper Money, we’ll always listen and do everything we can to help you support your customers – in the way that’s right for them, when it’s right for them. If we’re unable to help, here are some well-respected organisations that might be of use:

Physical and mental health – Scope and Mind

Capabilities – Citizens Advice and Mencap

Life events and resilience – Civil Legal Advice and Step Change

How our mortgage range can help your customer

Your different customers need different solutions. Here’s a quick breakdown of our broad inclusive criteria – and what that means for them.

Hopeful Homeowner

Ambitious young individuals and couples are understandably keen to get out of renting. They want to get into their first home.

While they probably have above average (sometimes variable income), they might not realise that a small credit mishap in the past – something as simple as a missed mobile phone payment – could have a dramatic impact on them getting a mortgage with a high street lender. 

Recent Recoverer

Hard-working people deserve every opportunity to turn their
fortunes around. And we’re here to see them on their way.

Our flexible and affordable products are designed to support Britain’s backbone, helping them as they start to bounce back from past decisions and give them a clear, achievable roadmap to recovery.

Comfortable Consolidator

It can be challenging for busy people to get the full picture of their finances. We get it.

Our flexible and affordable products can help consolidate their debts into one simple monthly payment, so they know exactly where they stand – putting them back – and keeping them – in their financial comfort zone.

Almost Primer

Past decisions shouldn’t stop people achieving their goals, which is why we’re here for those taking their last step to getting back on track.

Our range of flexible, affordable products are designed to help your customers move home or remortgage – making them Prime borrowers in the process for future life adventures.

Affluent Borrower

Just because someone is financially settled, it doesn’t mean they don’t still have plans.

Our flexible and affordable products can help your equity-rich customers put their bricks-and-mortar investments to work – and realise the ambitions they’ve yet to fulfil.

Further Support

Always in the know

How brokers can help mortgage customers feeling the pinch of inflation

In light of current conditions, we’ve collated invaluable insights, key lending trends and customer perspectives into one definitive Specialist Mortgages Study: Adverse Credit & Self-employment, so that you can help more of your customers succeed in these times of adversity. 

Caring means sharing

Here are two useful tools that can help you and your customers. Our  Mortgage Budget Planner calculates how much your customers can afford to pay based on their budget.

We’ve also put together a Packaging Guide, with steps and tips to ensure you’ve packaged your application correctly. 

Always here to listen

If you’d like to talk about a customer’s individual situation, or just want to run something by us, get in touch with our First Charge Sales team. 

If one of your customers is looking to take out a Second Charge mortgage, to raise additional funds for home improvements or consolidate existing borrowing, for example, our team’s on hand to take you through the process