Our top tips

At Pepper Money, we want to work together to ensure your customer’s case is processed quickly and painlessly, so we’ve put together our top 3 tips to getting your customer’s application through quicker.

1. Package and key your clients’ information correctly

It’s important to us, and you, to get your clients application processed quickly and effectively. Correctly packaging and keying of information is just one of the many ways that will help your client get one step closer to completion as quickly as possible.

By ensuring that we have all the correct evidence of your client’s income, details of any existing financial commitments, supporting bank statements, legible and correctly certified ID documents, and purpose of borrowing, we’ll be able to move forward quickly and efficiently on your case. For more details on the information we require, head over to our Checklist Items page which explains our standard underwriting items.

When applications are fully packaged, we can immediately progress them. By supplying all information, you’ll avoid lengthy wait times and being asked to submit further information, freeing you up to spend more time with your clients.

2. Correctly label all documents

Technology can be a wonderful thing, and it’s simplified the way we do a lot of things. But sometimes there are things that require an element of ‘human touch’. Our application portal happens to be one of those things!

Incorrect labelling of documents often makes the task of underwriting a lengthy process. Though DPR assigns documents to categories when uploading on the broker side, our underwriting team see something entirely different once the upload is complete.

To get your clients case through quicker, our underwriters suggest correctly labelling each document before uploading it.

3. Don’t make assumptions – give a full explanation of your clients’ case

The nature of specialist lending means that cases tend to be on the complex side, so an explanation of your clients’ case is almost always required. By picking up the phone and keeping in regular contact with the underwriting team, we’ll have a full understanding of your clients’ case.

As a broker, you’ll already know your customer’s case inside out. By sharing all this information with us from the very start of an application, you’ll be giving us the best chance of completing a case quickly and efficiently. If we know what you know, the less likely it is we’ll need to get in touch with you for more information.

Keep these simple tips in mind next time you’re submitting a case to get your clients a step closer to completion. Don’t forget, if you’re ever in doubt about any of our requirements, your dedicated telephone BDMs are always just one phone call away. To find the contact details of your dedicated BDM, please visit our Sales team page.