Leads are the fuel that drive the growth of any mortgage advice business and new leads can be generated in many ways. Whatever method you use to generate your leads, here are seven simple marketing steps that you can take to increase your lead generation and boost your business.

  1. Professional mortgage website

The first thing to do is make sure your website presents a positive representation of your business and the services you offer. Your website is, after all, your shop window and will be the first thing that many potential new customers will see. A professional looking website doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. It can be easily created and hosted using one of the many website building services for a relatively low monthly fee.

  1. Customer permissions

Give yourself the permissions to market to existing and prospective customers. In your terms of engagement with new customers, ensure you capture marketing permissions in a GDPR compliant manner. On your website, include the functionality for visitors to register to receive more information. This is usually available as part of the off-the-shelf website packages.

  1. Email communications for repeat business

Don’t wait until a deal ends to contact your customers. Use an email marketing tool to send regular emails to customers and leads who have registered an interest on your website, with information on the latest market conditions or new product innovations. This will help you to stay front of mind, demonstrate your market knowledge, and may initiate new enquiries if someone was, say, looking to invest in a Buy to Let property or raise funds for home improvements. Many online email marketing tools have free versions to try and offer low monthly subscriptions.

  1. Raise your profile on social media

Twitter and LinkedIn are currently popular channels for mortgage brokers to raise their profile. Start by being a voyeur – seeing what other people are talking about. As you get more confident about how you want to portray your business, share relevant news stories and articles, and then start to add some commentary to demonstrate your knowledge. As a rule, when it comes to posting on social media, consider whether you would be happy for what you say to be printed in a newspaper. If the answer is no, maybe delete the post, but if it’s yes, give it a go.

  1. Help your community

There are lots of ways of increasing leads through digital activity, but don’t forget more traditional methods. Think about sponsoring a local sports team, or community event. If you can become known as a business that contributes positively to the local community, you will generate good will and that will product leads.

  1. Online reviews bring customer experiences to life

Happy customers are the best form of marketing, so don’t forget to encourage online reviews and think about ways you can incentivise customers to refer their friends and families.

  1. Expand your expertise

One way of generating more leads is by offering a more holistic service. Think about areas you may not cover currently, such as second charge mortgages for example, and look at ways of delivering those to your customers to complement your existing advice offering.

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