Green Agenda

Our green agenda highlights actions we are making to reduce our environmental impact and help our customers make more sustainable choices. 

Green Agenda

Our Green agenda promotes sustainable practices

Individuals are becoming more environmentally conscious and taking the correct steps to live a more eco friendly lifestyle. Our Green Agenda outlines important aspects on how you can live sustainably, whilst helping reduce your energy costs at the same time.

Discover how a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assesses a property’s energy efficiency and costs. Embrace sustainable living through energy reduction, renewables, and eco-friendly practices. Retrofit your home for better energy performance, and explore government schemes for support and incentives.

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Read about energy-efficient homes and the importance of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Tips for Living Sustainably

Here are our top tips for taking action to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Retrofitting Your Home

Retrofitting is the process of making energy improvements to your home

Government Schemes

The government has climate change schemes to help make your home more energy efficient


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