Pepper money

The Pepper Promise

We’re so confident in our criteria, service & mortgage products that we’ve created the Pepper Promise for our broker partners. Rest assured we’re committed to supporting you and your customers with….


Clear product range – Simple does it!

The number after  “Pepper” determines your customer’s  recent blip Pepper6 i.e. six months since blip


Adverse Credit – Always welcome!

CCJ & Defaults don’t need to be satisfied


Consistent Criteria – What you see is what you get!

We find reasons to accept rather than refuse


Affordability Boosters

100% of secondary income, Commission Car allowance Director’s pension contributions accepted

We’re the Specialist mortgage lender broker partners turn to when they need a familiar team, safe pair of hands & want to avoid letting their customer down, we’ll try to say yes and that’s a Pepper Pinky Promise…

What customer can we help you with?
Or do you want assistance to attracting more customers?

Hopeful Homeowners

Younger couples in their first home, starting a family, and others who are at an early stage of their career. Ambitious individuals and couples are understandably keen to get out of renting. Unfortunately, they might not realise a small credit mishap in the past – something as simple as a missed mobile phone payment – could have a dramatic impact on them getting a mortgage with a high street lender.

Recent Recoverers

Couples, families and individuals who may have had difficulties with money in the past and could well have county court judgements, but they have since turned the corner and are on their way back. They’re likely to believe their financial history will stop them from getting a mortgage and would benefit from professional mortgage advice.

Comfortable Consolidators

Young or settled families who are living comfortably but may be managing several credit card balances and unsecured loans. By consolidating their debts into one monthly payment, they can get to grips with these additional costs by leveraging the potential of a larger mortgage and higher LTV. 

Almost Primers

These customers may have stretched their finances in the past but have learnt a lot about managing credit since then and they haven’t had any record of missed payments for a number of years.

Affluent Borrower

These customers may have benefited from significant increases to the value of their property in recent years. They may be exploring the possibility of taking out a second mortgage to finance home improvements, help one of their children get on the property ladder or to purchase a holiday home.

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