Almost Primers

Owning a home can be a steep learning curve. Many of your clients will have overextended themselves at some point, even if they’re now well on the way to getting back on track.


Help your customer get back to Prime

At Pepper, we believe past decisions shouldn’t stop people achieving their goals. Our range of flexible and affordable products are designed to help your clients remortgage or move home – and take their last step towards becoming Prime borrowers.

Who are Almost Primers?

Lending Criteria

Manooch Suree, from Zinga Financial Services, says:
Our customer was self-employed and the business had suffered during Covid. A historic financial mishap also made the case more difficult to place, but Pepper Money was able to base affordability on the most recent year’s accounts and accept customers with less than perfect credit history. They took a logical, customer-centric approach and worked at speed to get the deal done. The underwriter on the case was very helpful and always called us following an email to explain the requirements and why they were being asked.
Manooch Suree
Zinga Financial Services
Ryan Brailsford Pepper Money
Ryan Brailsford, Director of Business Development at Pepper Money, says:
Covid impacted many businesses and, with some lenders, a drop in income over the last three years can make it difficult to get a mortgage. But at Pepper Money, we can base affordability on the latest year’s accounts for self-employed customers and, with our considered approach to adverse credit, we were able to help these Almost Primers into their new home. We worked in collaboration with Manooch and the team at Zinga Financial Services to make sure an offer was issued quickly, and the case completed smoothly. When it comes to customers who don’t fit high street criteria, Pepper Money should be a broker’s first call.
Ryan Brailsford
Pepper Money


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