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Our guide to EPCs

Find out about Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and the costs of having an energy-inefficient home.

What is an EPC?

Discover more about EPCs and the part they play in improving your home’s energy efficiency.


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that provides valuable insights into the energy efficiency of your property. This certificate not only states estimated energy costs but also offers a summary of the energy performance-related characteristics of your home.

Additionally, EPCs provide recommendations on measures that can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, including estimated costs for implementing these changes and the potential savings you can achieve.

Your property will be given an energy-efficiency grade between A and G, with A being the best – ie most energy-efficient – and G being the worst.

EPCs are valid for 10 years. 

The website is a useful place to find out more about EPCs, including how to get one.

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The pitfalls of energy inefficient properties

Energy inefficient properties can pose various challenges and drawbacks for homeowners, some include:

Higher energy costs:

Energy inefficient properties consume more energy, leading to higher utility bills for homeowners.

Reduced comfort:

Energy inefficiencies, such as poor insulation or outdated HVAC systems can create drafts, resulting in discomfort for homeowners.

Decreased property value:

Properties may be less attractive to potential buyers due to higher operating costs. These properties may take longer to sell and potentially sell at a lower price compared to more energy-efficient homes with appliances such as solar panels.

Environmental impact:

Higher energy consumption houses increase reliance on fossil fuels and contribute more to greenhouse gas emissions.

Limited flexibility:

Properties may be less adaptable to future energy standards and regulations. As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important properties that do not meet these standards may require costly retrofits or upgrades in the future.

Poor indoor air quality

Insufficient ventilation and air circulation in properties, lead to poorer indoor air quality. This can result in a buildup of moisture, which can adversely affect the health and well-being of occupants.

Higher maintenance and repair costs:

Energy-inefficient properties may require more frequent repairs and maintenance due to the strain on outdated systems. This can lead to additional expenses and inconvenience for homeowners.

Helping our customers understand the energy efficiency of their homes

To help encourage investment towards more energy-efficient homes we’re running an EPC offer for our customers. Please note this offer closed to new applicants on the 30th November 2022.


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