2020 has not panned out as anyone expected. Despite significant challenges, we’ve worked hard to support our broker partners and maintain our service levels in the second charge market.

Here are just a few of the ways that we’ve managed to achieve this:

Specialist second charge lender

As the UK’s leading specialist second charge lender we live and breathe second charge mortgages. It’s the only product line that we offer. This means our team can focus all their energy on servicing our Broker partners second charge applications without the distraction of other financial products. We recently introduced improved pricing and new criteria as part of a revamped product range.

Tailored pricing

We offer tailored pricing dependent on the unique circumstances of each customer. This means no tiered rates. The brokers that work with us know that they are getting the best rate we can offer them for each individual client.

Adapting to flexible working

These are unusual times but fortunately, we were geared up for home working when the current pandemic hit. This meant that despite not having our colleagues in the office as normal we had the infrastructure in place to continue to offer our usual high level of service to brokers.

Pepper Money Commercial Director Simon Mules commented:

‘At Pepper Money, we really value the service levels that we offer our broker partners. We pride ourselves on getting their cases processed as quickly and pain-free as possible. During these recent tough times, I’m particularly proud of how the team have adapted to make sure our service levels haven’t dropped, from our market-leading position.’

Feedback from our broker partners

‘Pepper Money is first and foremost the standard that all other lenders are judged against from speed of service, decisioning technology, use of desktop valuations and product innovation with high LTV, discounted rates, fixed and variable rates and interest-only options.

Whilst Loans Warehouse place Second Charge loans with a wide panel of lenders, we are selective and demand the highest standards from our lenders as this is a direct reflection on the service we offer. Pepper has, for many years, set the standard that other lenders are judged against.’

Matt Tristham, Co-Founder & Director, Loans Warehouse

‘Pepper’s ability to work quickly is a massive plus but also the opportunity to discuss the outcome and understand their rationale provides us, the broker, with huge trust. Their service and delivery are very much aligned to our own expectations and this again allows for trust between the two companies.’

Freedom Finance

‘Pepper Money’s method of offering bespoke rates and not needing valuations is a brilliant USP. many clients require funds as they can, the Pepper model gives the client a very slick process from start to finish. We’ve experienced phenomenal rates for our clients with very quick turnarounds from case submission to completion.’

Ben Gillespie, Chaseblue Loans

If you’re a broker interested in working with us then please contact our wholesale team.