In March, and for the months that have followed, we’ve had a different challenge entirely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused huge strain on us all in our personal and professional lives. We commend all the intermediary market for their quick responses to the pandemic as we all adapted to a new way of working remotely.

As an industry, we’ve seen some lenders withdraw from the market entirely, and most others including ourselves, reduce product ranges to reduce risk during this uncertain time.

At the beginning of this pandemic, we acknowledged the size of the challenge presented by the payment holiday scheme, which is why, many of our team unselfishly became case managers for end-customers to ensure every customer’s enquiry was answered.

At Pepper Money, we are exclusively available to intermediaries, so customers are unable to apply directly to us.

Our relationships across the intermediary community are crucial to help end customers, which is why, we have continued to help brokers place cases through this pandemic. We have continued to give them access to our mandated underwriters and extended team to support them and their needs during this time too.

People helping other people is at the heart of the Pepper Money way.

In a time where many of us have been isolating and spending an increased amount of time at home, it’s conversations that help us get through these difficult times.

Whether that’s helping brokers place cases or securing a payment holiday for a customer, this is made possible through conversations and a more human approach.

As a society, technology has given us the means to remain close with each other, but it’s interaction with people that has made the real impact.

We’ve received some amazing feedback during this pandemic, as we continue our mission to help brokers find a place for their clients who just don’t fit the high street that we’re proud to share at the bottom of this post.

“To have a case with historical adverse go from application to offer in just over 3 weeks, in the middle of a pandemic lock-down, I must say was very impressive. Please pass on not only my, but also my client’s thanks and gratitude, for a job exceedingly well done.”

“My admin assistant is really impressed that you answer your phones straight away!  At the moment she has to wait for 30 mins plus to get through to some lenders and other lenders are not taking any calls at all.  She has really appreciated getting straight through to sensible informed people who can help. The system is easy to use and uploading the documents is straightforward.  Sometimes takes a few days for documents to be looked at but understandable in current circumstances. We also appreciate being able to speak to the underwriter. Most lenders don’t allow this but there is occasionally something to clarify and it saves going backwards & forwards with the call handlers passing on messages.”

“I was very happy with the service provided considering we needed a quick result due to the agreed completion date being so close but you guys were very accommodating in ensuring we met this dead line for our client. I am happy with the service so far!”