The Specialist - Podcast - Season 2


Brokers have been urged to embrace specialist lending by a Pepper Money customer in a recent episode of The Specialist podcast. 

The podcast features a Pepper Money mortgage customer who shares his experience with Rob Barnard of finding a lender when you they have adverse credit. He opens up about the emotional journey of securing a mortgage when the market was changing so rapidly towards the end of last year and how the help of a good broker can be life-changing. 

During the podcast, the host, Rob Barnard, asks: “What word of advice would you give to our broker market?” 

In response, the customer, also called Rob, says: “Embrace specialist lending. The options are there for everyone, as we found out. Consider them and do embrace them. You’d be amazed how good an offer can actually be for someone, even if it seems a bit worse than the very best options that are out there.” 

Rob Barnard, Intermediary Relationships Director at Pepper Money, says: “The recent episode of The Specialist podcast features a fascinating conversation with a Pepper Money customer called Rob. We often talk about the benefits of working with a specialist lender within the industry, but Rob offers real-life insights into just what an important difference this can make to the lives of customers. He speaks candidly about his circumstances and the steps he took to get a mortgage, including speaking to one broker who said they were unable to help him. He also describes the mortgage application progress for a specialist mortgage compared to that of a high street lender from a customer’s perspective and provides food for thought for any broker who is interested in gaining a better understanding of the thoughts and motivations of their own customers.” 


The Specialist podcast is available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

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