The customers, who were borrowing at 70% LTV to buy a house, had no CCJs or defaults but had late payments on two unsecured credit facilities in the last 12 months. The Case Owner at Pepper Money worked with the broker to understand the reason for these missed payments, confirmed they had been resolved and a Direct Debit was now in place to avoid any re-occurrence. As such, they were able to make a decision, assess all of the documents and valuation report, and issue an offer within five days. The case completed 16 days after the initial application.

The application was submitted by Neil Rees, Director at JUST Financial Services, who says:

“I was extremely impressed with the whole process from start to finish. I submitted the case and was immediately contacted by my Case Owner, who actioned and accepted the documents and proofs I’d uploaded on your user-friendly website. Within an hour of submission, the only outstanding item on the case was the valuation. That was booked in the same day and the case was offered five working days later, just a few hours after the valuation had taken place. In these ‘unprecedented’ times, with many lenders advertising timescales of up to 21 days to simply look at a pay slip, it was so refreshing to deal with Pepper, and it showed that with an efficient process like this, we can still work together to get cases to offer in less than a week. The customers were overwhelmed.”

Paul Adams, Sales Director at Pepper Money, says:

“At Pepper Money, we always strive to process applications and complete cases as quickly as possible. We publish our up-to-date service levels online so that brokers know exactly what to expect and we are currently within 24 hours in every stage of our process. This particular case is a great example of what can be achieved when everything goes to plan.

“The presentation of the case by the broker was excellent. The documents were supplied at the same time as the application, which positively influenced the turnaround time, and the broker was very engaged – answering calls and responding quickly. This application was also processed through our new Case Management model and team structure, with the broker having a single point of contact with whom they could work together to get it to offer more quickly. It was a good job all round, and a great example of how easy it is to work with Pepper Money.”