Pepper Money has reduced rates across its Residential range by as much as 0.90% and has introduced a 70% LTV tier on Pepper 36 products starting from 6.75%. 

The rate reductions are across Pepper Money’s range of 2-year and 5-year fixed rates. Rates on Pepper 48 for existing customers now start at 6.80% on 70% LTV, which has been cut by 0.55%.  

Highlights of the reductions include Pepper 18 and Pepper 18 Light 5-year fixed rates, which are both cut by 0.90% at 85% LTV. The new rates on these products are 8.25% on Pepper 18 Light and 8.30% on Pepper 18. 

Some of the rates that have been reduced by 0.85% include a 2-year fixed rate on Pepper 18 Light at 80% LTV, which is now 8.00%, and 2-year fixed rate Pepper 18 at 80% LTV, which is now 8.05%. 

Pepper Money has also cut rates on its DMP range by as much as 0.30%. 

Paul Adams, Sales Director at Pepper Money, says: “At Pepper Money, we understand how difficult recent years have been for brokers, with the impact of Covid, many lenders struggling with service, and the rate disruption to the market last year. Throughout, we have maintained our commitment to delivering a range of specialist mortgages to help their customers who don’t meet the criteria of high street lenders, supported by consistently delivering excellent service that has been recognised by our market leading four-star rating at the FT Adviser Service Awards and frequent five-star Trustpilot reviews.  

“These rate reductions reflect our growing appetite to increase our lending over the coming months as we build on the rising confidence in the funding markets to help an even greater number of customers achieve their goals.” 


Paul Adams Sales Director at Pepper Money



Paul Adams,

Sales Director
at Pepper Money