There will be no break in continuity from the specialist lender, with the full range of new rates available from 2nd June. The cut-off for brokers submitting DIPs on the existing range is 5pm on 1st June and the deadline for Full Mortgage Applications is 5th June.

Following the repricing, Pepper Money’s rates will start at 6.99%, Shared Ownership rates starting at 8.44%, Help to Buy remortgage rates from 8.44% and Right to Buy rates available from 9.24%.

Full details of the new rates will be available at

Paul Adams, Sales Director at Pepper Money, says:

“At Pepper Money, we always take a transparent approach to communicating with brokers. The volatility we are seeing in SWAP rates means that, as with many lenders, we need to review the pricing across our product range. We have given notice and so providing brokers with the opportunity to submit DIPs on the existing range until 5pm on 1st June and, where brokers have had a DIP accepted on this range, they have until 5th June to submit a Full Mortgage Application. Our clear criteria and hands-on approach to underwriting remain unchanged and we’re committed to continuing to help those underserved customers.”

Paul Adams Sales Director at Pepper Money



Paul Adams,

Sales Director
at Pepper Money