Consistency is something that drives us at Pepper Money. We aim to provide brokers with a consistently high standard of service and work continuously to explore the ways in which we can provide a better service that earns trust and builds lasting business relationships.

As a broker, you have to go above and beyond for your customers to be available when they need you, but also to provide expert guidance to their questions and solutions to their problems. By having relationships with lenders that you can rely on, as a broker you can deliver solutions to your customers in a timely manner and continue to grow your reliable reputation.

I’ve spoken previously about how we do this with our Business Development Managers (BDMs). Today, I want to talk about a new, elevated level of broker support we offer: Case Owners.

To do this, I’ve sought some help from Cameron Rodwell, Head of Sales-Operations at Pepper Money. Cameron leads a team of Case Owners and supports professionals who live and breathe specialist mortgages. He has a wealth of experience in mortgage operations and broker partnerships and is focused on consistently improving our service experience for brokers and their customers.

In short, he’s the perfect person to co-author this post and help explain the benefits of working with a Pepper Money Case Owner.

Delivering what’s important to you

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked hard to continually meet the ever-changing needs of brokers; using video calls, phone calls, service tools and our website to offer tailored lending solutions when we’ve been unable to meet in person.

We’ve taken advantage of this time to speak with our brokers to understand what is important to them and their customers. In a time where many brokers have never been more stretched, it was important for us to help them by making improvements to how we operate.

When a broker chooses a lender for their customer, they need to know that their applications will be dealt with consistently and efficiently. The role of our dedicated Case Owners is to help to ensure this happens with every application we receive…

Expertise that’s close to home

For us to deliver the results you expect as a broker, forming a strong partnership is essential. It’s only through good working relationships that we can provide the best outcomes possible for customers. Our team of BDMs have demonstrated how integral dedicated relationships are to brokers and so deepening this network has been key for us.

This has led us to introduce a new Case Management structure. Our Case Owners are equipped with both the technical know-how and eagerness to work with brokers that really compliments our overall service proposition for intermediaries.

Each Case Owner is responsible for a specific group of brokers, meaning that when you choose Pepper you will get a consistent approach and an individual who will work with you to get your case across the line.

Your dedicated Case Owner will be your key point of contact from the submission of your application through to offer.

A more comprehensive service

We understand that a good broker-lender relationship is multi-faceted and having a network of key individuals available to assist, whatever the need, is pivotal. Therefore, a Case Owner complements our comprehensive service offering.

Your BDM will continue to be available and is responsible for managing your overall relationship with Pepper, as well as providing ongoing education of our products, proposition, and the market.

What you now also have is an experienced Case Owner at your disposal, who can work with you closely on individual cases, providing you and your customer with the best experience possible each time you trust Pepper with your business.

Consistently evolving

Since introducing Case Owners, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Brokers and their customers have been happy with the service, and more brokers are choosing to come back to Pepper for this personal approach.

By engaging with our brokers, listening to what is important to them in an evolving market and maintaining a strong continuous improvement ethos, we at Pepper Money are committed to consistently delivering a service you can trust.

To learn more about our Case Management approach or if you have any suggestions for our ‘Better with Pepper’ continuous improvement programme please contact Cameron Rodwell on LinkedIn. To discuss how Pepper Money can help you and your customers, contact Ryan Brailsford on LinkedIn.