Comfortable Consolidators

It can be challenging for busy families to get the full picture of their finances. We get it. Credit card balances, home improvement loans – it’s tough to stay on top of it all.


Helping families keep it simple

Pepper’s flexible and affordable products can help consolidate a client’s debts into one simple monthly payment, so they know exactly where they stand. They’ll be back in their financial comfort zone before you know it.

Who are Comfortable Consolidators?

Lending Criteria


A Comfortable Consolidator completes a Debt Consolidation mortgage with the help of Chine Financial and Pepper Money.

Pam Farmer from Chine Financial, says:
Our customer had adverse credit, self-employed income that had been impacted by Covid and a high level of debt that they wanted to consolidate. They had already been declined by a lender via another broker and it was clear that this was a case for a specialist lender with clear criteria and an understanding approach to underwriting. I could immediately tell that Pepper Money was the right lender. The application was supported by excellent service throughout, and the case completed quickly and easily, leaving a very happy customer.
Pam Farmer
Chine Financial
Ryan Brailsford, Director of Business Development at Pepper Money, says:
With interest rates rising, lots of customers are considering debt consolidation and this case of a Comfortable Consolidator is a great example of the hurdles that can be cleared to make this a possibility. This was not a straightforward application. The customer was self-employed and had seen a reduction in income during Covid, they had adverse credit on their credit file and wanted a Let to Buy mortgage that enabled them to release enough capital to consolidate their outstanding unsecured debts. Fortunately, at Pepper Money, we understand that life is rarely straightforward and so our mortgages, approach to underwriting and market leading service levels are designed to make difficult cases easy to place. Working alongside Chine Financial, we were able to provide the customer with the mortgage they needed to take the next step in their life.
Ryan Brailsford
Pepper Money
Ryan Brailsford Head of Sales at Pepper Money


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