Solicitor Panel

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To support all the necessary legal requirements that come with borrowing, your customer will need a solicitor.

Your clients can choose from the two options below:

Option 1: Joint representation

Your customer can choose a member from our approved solicitor panel – this contains a vast number of firms across England and Wales. This list may not be representative of the current active panel, which is available in our application portal.

Please note the fee for legal work is not fixed and will vary from case to case.

Option 2: Separate representation

Your customer can also choose to be represented by a solicitor or conveyancer that isn’t on our panel. In this situation, we’ll use a firm from our panel and your customer will be responsible for covering the costs of both firms being used for the mortgage.

We offer free standard legals or the option of selecting from our wider panel on all remortgages

We offer a free standard legals option on remortgages except Limited Company Buy to Let using our nominated solicitors. In cases where free standard legals apply, we will use Russell & Russell, an experienced and reputable firm, for all conveyancing work. For clients opting for separate representation using their own non panel solicitor Pepper will use a panel firm, legal costs for both firms will be incurred by the customer.

Further information on our free standard legals

The below are the fees payable to Russell & Russell by the borrower, for their time and expertise in dealing with additional work over and above that required in a standard remortgage transaction, and as such falls outside the Pepper Money “Free Legals” remortgage product offer. For example, an additional charge that is commonly encountered is a £35 + VAT bank transfer fee payable for each item of consolidated debt. Please see below for more information.

In some of these cases, additional fees will also be payable by the borrower to third parties such as the Land Registry, Freeholder, Manager, or HM Revenue & Customs. The borrower will be notified of these additional charges by Russell & Russell. However, below we have set out some of the circumstances and additional charges that may be incurred.

Please note these charges may be subject to change by Russell & Russell.


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Solicitor Panel

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