Solicitor panel

To support all the necessary legal requirements that come with borrowing, your customer will need a solicitor. They can choose from the two options below:

1. Joint representation

Your customer can choose a member from our approved solicitor panel - this contains a vast number of firms across England and Wales. This list may not be representative of the current active panel, which is available in our application portal.

Please note the fee for legal work is not fixed and will vary from case to case.

2. Separate representation

Your customer can also choose to be represented by a solicitor or conveyancer that isn't on our panel. In this situation, we'll use a firm from our panel and your customer will be responsible for covering the costs of both firms being used for the mortgage.

We offer free standard legals or the option of selecting from our wider panel on all remortgages

We offer a free standard legals option on remortgages except Limited Company Buy to Let using our nominated solicitors. In cases where free standard legals apply, we will use Russell & Russell, an experienced and reputable firm, for all conveyancing work. For clients wishing to select a firm from our wider panel at their cost, we will reduce the initial rate by 0.01%. For clients opting for separate representation using their own non panel solicitor Pepper will use a panel firm, legal costs for both firms will be incurred by the customer.

Further information on our free standard legals 

The below are the fees payable to Russell & Russell by the borrower, for their time and expertise in dealing with additional work over and above that required in a standard remortgage transaction, and as such falls outside the Pepper Money “Free Legals” remortgage product offer. For example, An additional charge that is commonly encountered is a £35 + VAT bank transfer fee payable for each item of consolidated debt. Please see below for more information.

In some of these cases, additional fees will also be payable by the borrower to third parties such as the Land Registry, Freeholder, Manager, or HM Revenue & Customs. The borrower will be notified of these additional charges by Russell & Russell. However, below we have set out some of the circumstances and additional charges that may be incurred.

Please note these charges may be subject to change by Russell & Russell.

  • Additional mortgage accounts or secured debts to be repaid on completion

    In a remortgage where there is more than one charge or other encumbrance to be redeemed by Russell & Russell on completion, a fee will be charged for each additional mortgage/loan.

    £50.00 plus VAT in each case

    Repayment of unsecured debts

    Where we require that Russell & Russell repay specified unsecured debts as a condition of the new mortgage including credit cards.

    £30.00 plus VAT for each payment that we make (capped at £300 plus VAT)

  • Bank transfer
    1. If the borrower wishes to have any balance monies (due to them on completion) forwarded directly to their bank account by same day bank transfer.
    2. If an existing secured lender requires redemption of their account by bank transfer.
    3. If the borrower requests a bank transfer to redeem a loan account.
    4. Returning funds to us – where the borrower decides not to proceed with the remortgage on a particular day after mortgage funds have been released to Russell & Russell.

    Additional cost: £35.00 plus VAT for each bank transfer.

  • Bankruptcy entries

    Where Russell & Russell is required to investigate bankruptcy entries.

    Additional cost: £100.00 plus VAT.

  • Change of owners name

    If a borrower has changed their name since the date the property was acquired, Russell & Russell will check and register evidence of the change in their name at the Land Registry.

    Additional cost: £50.00 plus VAT.

  • Dealing with an independent solicitor

    Where Russell & Russell is required to deal with an independent Solicitor. For example where the borrower is getting divorced and a transfer is needed, or where the borrower instructs a conveyancer to act for them for some other reason.

    Additional cost: £130.00 per hour plus VAT.

  • Documents/Leases admin fee

    Where Russell & Russell need to order documents (including leases) referred to by the Land Registry which are not held by the borrowers. This is in addition to the document cost charged by the Land Registry (for each document).

    Additional cost: £10.00 plus VAT. 

  • Deed of postponement

    Where we consent to a prior mortgage not being repaid on completion, subject to its postponement so as to rank behind our mortgage and the deed of postponement is required to be prepared, approved, executed, completed and, where required, registered.

    Additional cost: £200.00 plus VAT.

  • Deed of variation

    Deed of Variation (but this does not include a lease extension/amendment/Section 106) where Russell & Russell is required to prepare and/or register a deed of variation.

    Additional cost: £200.00 plus VAT.

  • Easements

    If an easement benefiting the property needs to be granted or to which the property is subject needs to be released, and Russell & Russell is required to prepare, approve, have executed, complete and/or register at the Land Registry a suitable deed.

    Additional cost: £200.00 plus VAT.

  • First registration

    If the title to the property is not already registered at the Land Registry under its own separate title, Russell & Russell will carry out additional legal work and checks involved in presenting the title for first registration.

    Additional cost: £150.00 plus VAT.

  • Land Registry fees

    Any fees charged by the Land Registry for providing copy documentation that they hold that Russell & Russell must inspect as part of the transaction (other than the official copies of the register and plan). For example copy deeds or related titles.

    Additional cost: As charged by the Land Registry.

  • Merger or mortgage of the freehold reversion

    If the borrower has acquired the freehold reversion to the remortgage property, Russell & Russell may have to arrange for the freehold and leasehold estates to be merged or for the freehold to be mortgaged to us in addition to the leasehold, if this is required to meet Pepper Money's requirements.

    Additional cost: £20.00 plus VAT.

  • Partial release of security

    Acting on behalf of us on the partial release of an existing security.

    Additional cost: £100.00 plus VAT.

  • Purchase of additional tranche-shared ownership

    If the Property is a shared ownership property, and the borrower is acquiring an additional interest in the property with the assistance of the advance, and Russell & Russell is required to act for the borrower in the acquisition of the additional interest.

    Additional cost: £400.00 plus VAT.

  • Registering a third party transfer or lease

    Where a transfer or lease has been prepared by another conveyancer and Russell & Russell is required to deal with its registration at the Land Registry. This does not include advising on SDLT or making a SDLT return.

    Additional cost: £150.00 plus VAT.

  • RX3 / RX4 forms

    Where Russell & Russell is asked to prepare and register or remove at the Land Registry a restriction using RX3/RX4 forms.

    Additional cost: £75.00 plus VAT.

  • Declaration of trust

    Where Russell & Russell is asked to prepare a straightforward Declaration of trust.

    Additional cost: £150.00 plus VAT

  • Special clearance or cheque cancellation fee

    If a cheque needs special clearance or cancellation at the borrowers request.

    Additional cost: £25.00 plus VAT.

  • Statutory declaration/ statement of truth

    If a cheque needs special clearance or cancellation at the borrowers request.

    Additional cost: £100.00 plus VAT. 

  • Third party costs/ Disbursements

    Where Russell & Russell is required to pay third party costs or disbursements (e.g. management company notice fees).

    Additional cost: All third party charges required in order to effect completion of the remortgage.

  • Title indemnity insurance

    Where Russell & Russell is asked to arrange a title indemnity Policy in respect of a specific issue arising out of the transaction such as Insolvency. Where there is a requirement to arrange a Title Indemnity Policy in respect of a specific issue arising out of the transaction, such as Insolvency.

    Additional cost: £50.00 plus VAT.

  • Transfer of equity or a new lease – acting for us only

    Acting on behalf of us only approving a transfer of equity or a new lease, either at the same time or subsequent to completion, where the borrower has instructed their own conveyancer. This does not include advising on SDLT or making a SDLT return. Please note that all parties to a transfer must have legal representation.

    Additional cost: £150.00 plus VAT.

  • Transfer of equity – acting for the borrower and us

    Acting on behalf of the borrower on a transfer of equity, either at the same time or subsequent to completion. Please note that all parties to a transfer must have legal representation.

    Additional cost: £300.00 plus VAT.

  • Bespoke sundry additional work

    If Russell & Russell is asked by the borrower to undertake any other bespoke additional legal work, then they will agree their fees with the borrower before they undertake that work. This might, for example, be if the borrower is:

    - Creating a lease or leases in their building

    - Splitting the freehold title

    - Extending or varying their existing lease

    Additional cost: By prior agreement with the borrower.

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