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We believe in helping more hopeful homeowners find their way onto the housing ladder with our Shared Ownership mortgages. We help you help your customers to purchase a share of a new build property whilst renting the remaining share from the Housing Association. By offering Affordable Home Ownership mortgages, we aim to clear a path for those who might have blips on their record or a less than perfect credit score.

Pepper Money is here to help more people succeed by providing you and your customers with an alternative to High Street lenders whose strict criteria can seem set up to catch some customers out.

We’re continuing to do what we’ve always done best, just this time our approach to lending has been extended for your customers with deposits from 5%. We still don’t use credit scoring to make decisions, to help those customers with little to no credit history or those who have small credit blips including missed payments. Instead, by reading between the lines, we value the story behind your customer’s numbers through our more human approach to underwriting, where people make decisions about people.

Our product range is structured around your customer’s most recent CCJ or Default. Here’s how your next Shared Ownership application could be better with Pepper

Help your customers with purchasing a share

Max LTV of 75% available

No decisions based on credit scores

Suitable for your customers who may miss credit scoring thresholds

Helping the Self-Employed

One year’s self-employed trading accepted

Variable income accepted

50% of overtime, bonuses and commission accepted to boost affordability

We have no debt-to-income ratio

Unsecured credit never affects product tier

No value limits on CCJs & defaults

No value limit on CCJs and defaults; no need for them to be satisfied

Shared Ownership Mortgage Products Rates & Criteria

Our mortgages

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What is Shared Ownership?

What's needed to buy a Shared Ownership property?

How long does it take? How can customers be prepared?

Are people with CCJs, defaults or missed payments eligible?

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